Accessible Modern Farmhouse

Madison, WI


The Accessible Modern Farmhouse with a rustic flare is for a family of a fire fighter that was in a terrible car accident leaving him quadriplegic.  Their current family all lives together on a farm, and they are parceling off a space for this residence on the property with sweeping back views of their prarie and corn fields.  This home will be fully accessible inside and outside. While there is a ways to go on this design, layout and concept, excited to finalize the vision of making this a healing, bright, fun and comfortable environment for the entire family. From lower counters, more ballroom and hallway space,  door and hardware widths and styles, heights of hooks and closets, an elevator, site grading to no threshold showers and doors, etc, there is a lot that goes into accessible design. Follow along to see the progress on this home for such an amazing family!